Deepening Digital Payments: Interchange fee waiver, Online Dispute Resolution, Digital…

Digital payments in India going through a significant change, growing a factor of 10 in the last 5 years. In addition to the volume, the space is growing in richness…

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What happened to World’s once largest cryptocurrency exchange? – The…

Jed McCaleb, a programmer and aficionado of the card game ‘Magic: The Gathering’ built a website for trading cards online in 2007. Mt. Gox was created as an acronym for…

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SEBI takes action on Unpublished Price-Sensitive Information

Author: Lavanya Gupta, third-year BBA LL.B (Hons.) student at Symbiosis Law School, Pune. INTRODUCTION Time and again the Securities and Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”) has come up with Regulations…

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